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Reno Planning Cremation by Cremation Society of Nevada

As our world grows and evolves many people are turning to cremation as an alternative to traditional burial or entombment. There are a variety of reasons for this, ranging from cost factors, spiritual or personal beliefs, greater acceptance among the world's religions to environmental philosophy or simple convenience.

The traditional and important aspects of a funeral such as viewing, visitations and having the loved one present at a ceremony are not only possible, but encouraged when thinking about cremation options. Like all funerals, services involving cremation can be public or private, and cremation can occur either before or after the service. Many people opt to have his/her loved ones cremated right away, which allows them the flexibility to hold a memorial service at a later time to meet scheduling, financial or other needs.

A time-honored choice

Human beings have practiced cremation for millennia, and it is a practice embraced by cultures and religions the world around.

Your final resting place can be a place you always loved, not a cemetery.

When you choose cremation, the cremains will be returned to you. You can scatter them in a beloved spot like a favorite section of the garden, out to sea, or any meaningful location. We offer a variety of tasteful urns, if you choose to keep the remains in your home near your family.

Lower costs 

Cremation saves off the costs of a traditional cemetery burial, since there is no need to purchase burial plots, caskets, headstones, vaults, or pay for grave preparation and graveside services. For the budget conscious consumer, cremation can be the right answer for you. 

More religions approve cremation 

More and more religious organizations have come to allow cremations. Many churches, for example, are creating memorial scattering gardens or columbarium niches for members who choose cremation. Others, such as the Catholic Church have formally changed their policies to make cremation fully acceptable.

Here are some commonly asked questions about cremation. If you would like any additional information, please give us a call. Click here for a downloadable pdf.

Cremation FAQs
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Cremation Options
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Cremation and the Environment
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