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Resources - Cremation Services in Reno by Cremation Society of Nevada

Here you will find information regarding funeral issues, guidance and community support links.   



Dealing with Death
Nothing adequately prepares us for the initial shock of losing a loved one. Feelings of panic and helplessness may be overwhelming, but it's important to know you're not alone.
Hospice Providers
When medical care cannot offer a cure, hospice provides care, comfort and support for persons with life-limiting conditions. The hospice team works with the family to make the person comfortable and relieve their symptoms and pain for the entire length of their illness. Here is contact information for a few hospice providers in our area. Please contact us if you'd like more information.
The death of a loved one is life's most painful events, and people's reactions to death remain one of society's least understood and most off-limits topics for discussion. Oftentimes, grievers are left totally alone in dealing with their pain, loneliness and isolation.
Funeral Etiquette
Unless you've been to many funerals, we're sure you have questions about what you should wear, say, or do while there. We've got the experience, and can give you the right information.
Explaining Death to Children
Explaining death is never easy, particularly when it involves children. Click here for information provided to us by the Solace Tree. We hope it helps.
Organ & Tissue Donation
Are you or a loved one considering organ donation? Our list of common questions will help in making that decision. We also invite you to speak with our knowledgeable staff.
Writing an Obituary
An obituary serves as notification that an individual has died and provides service details. But it can be for more than that. Our guidelines will help you in writing a well-crafted obituary.
Helpful Hints
There's nothing like a helpful friend when you need support, is there? We understand; that's why we've put together this page of helpful tips. If you're looking for support in making funeral arrangements, or thinking about a loved one's funeral service, read this page.